3 Most Common Causes When a Mac Keeps Freezing

Are you a Mac or a Windows kinda-guy? (Or girl!) The age-old battle continues and they still say if you have a Mac it means you are more likely to be a creative type, a writer, a designer or an artist whereas technical geeks – like software programmers or businessmen – are more likely to have a Windows machine.

Whatever computer you have, whether you have the new MacBook Pro or an old Surface Pro 8, no machine is perfect. Macs are just as fallible as Windows machines. So what to do if your Mac keeps freezing?

It can be annoying but don’t despair here are three tips and hacks for how to unfreeze a Mac. 

1. Force Restart and Close Some Apps

If you’re wondering how to unfreeze a Mac then the easiest way is to use the following keyboard shortcut Command-Control-Power. If this fails to work then press down the power button until the computer completely shuts down. This is what to do when your Mac freezes

Only do this if nothing else has worked, however, in the long term, this can damage your computer. 

When you do manage to unfreeze your Mac you need to think about how you use it. Often apps and software stay open and running in the background unless you properly close it. We are often unaware of how many things we have running at the same time and this can put pressure on our CPU.

Be sure to do a full close down on your Mac at least once a day so it has time to recover. Only have open the programs you are using at that moment. 

2. Declutter Your Desktop and Your Life

Are you one of these people who has all of your files as icons on your desktop home screen? This probably means your life is quite cultured as well and you would do well to spend a day organizing your life and arranging your different projects into files. 

But it can also slow down your Mac because all of those icons have to load every time you turn on your Mac or switch back to the desktop. Consider spending an hour or two deleting them all and instead of creating a filing system. 

3. Uninstall Software You Don’t Use or Need

When you have the whole app store at your fingertips it can be easy to feel as if you can go on a shopping spree downloading every piece of software you might need at some point. 

But this isn’t a great idea because you end up with pointless applications that you never use. Be harsh and ask yourself if you need it.

What to Do If Your Mac Keeps Freezing? Restart and Give It Some Love

If your Mac keeps freezing then its probably because it is overwhelmed by what you have asked it do. Force restart by using the power button or command-control-power. 

When it restarts think about how you use it. Lots of programs run in the background so ensure these are properly closed when you are not using them and consider ditching some of the programs and files that you don’t use.

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