5 Key Things to Do Before You Sell Your Phone

Did you know that around 1.38 billion mobile phones were sold in 2020 alone?

Getting a new phone is always fun, so it’s no wonder so many people buy them every year! But, with all of those new phones, where do the old ones go?

Chucking out a phone that still works (and even one that doesn’t!) is extremely wasteful. Not only are you throwing out something that could be used by someone else, causing more new mobile phones to be produced instead, but you’re also losing out on making some extra money.

Find out how to sell your phone in this guide and never throw yours away again!

1. Find the Right Method

First up, you need to find the right method for selling your smartphone. If you have a mobile that’s completely broken, your best bet is to find a site that sells broken phones, often using them for parts of fixing them up to sell on. Shop around for quotes to get the best offer!

If your used smartphone is working, your best bet is to sell on websites that buy and sell used phones. These are much more trustworthy than individual buyers on marketplaces, giving you the peace of mind that nothing dodgy is going to happen.

2. Wipe Your Phone

Next up, it’s vital you wipe your phone off all of its current data and do a factory reset. This will restore your phone back to its originals state, so it seems brand new when setting it up. Every phone manufacturer has a different way to do this, so be sure to do a quick Google search to find the instructions for your phone.

If you want to keep your data, be sure to check up the backup process too and transfer your files to another device. If you’re struggling, there are plenty of software solutions out there that can help.

3. Find the Right Number

Your phone’s going to have a serial number and an IMEI number which you’ll often need when selling it. Make sure you know which you need and how to find the right number. If you don’t know how, you could end up with a mobile that’s very tricky to sell!

4. Remove Your SIM Card

When selling your phone on, the new seller won’t want or need your SIM card. Make sure you remove this before you send it out! If you leave it in, it’s likely to leave some data behind on your phone, even if you’ve done a factory reset.

5. Package it Properly

If you’re selling your phone to a trusted business, they’ll often send you out packaging that you can send your phone back in, making the process simple. But, if you’re going solo and selling on a marketplace, you’re going to have to package the phone yourself. Make sure you do this properly, using enough padding to keep the phone safe through transit.

Take a photo when it’s all wrapped and save your tracking information, too!

Sell Your Phone

Now that you know all of the information you need, it’s time to sell your phone! Just be careful to sell it to a legitimate company or individual to cover yourself.

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