What Are the Main Benefits of Laptops?

Did you know that over 227 million people in the US are into video games? Not all of these players use a desktop PC. A lot of people play using their smartphones or laptop.

Laptops are the go-to device for many because it offers the benefits of both a desktop PC and a phone. There are many other benefits of laptops to enjoy as well, for people who need one at work or school.

What kind of benefits can you reap? Why invest in a laptop? Discover the answers and more with our list below:


Buying a laptop allows you to continue office work, school work, or gaming while on the go. It’s easy to put a laptop to sleep, close it, pack it, and bring it with you. You can then continue where you left off even when in a hotel room or on the train.

Most laptops, even heavy-duty gaming laptops or video-editing laptops, don’t weigh too much. You only need to pack it along with a charger, making them easy to carry around.

The good news is there is an abundance of laptop bags available these days. You can even find backpacks with dedicated laptop pockets. These allow you to slide a laptop inside and still have space for clothes and other necessities.

Full Desktop Capabilities

Undecided whether to buy a laptop or a tablet? You should always go with a laptop first. They can cost the same amount but you get much more power and versatility with a laptop compared to a tablet.

Tablets only feature a touchscreen. You’d need to purchase a separate keyboard and mouse to fully utilize it for school or work. You won’t be able to use it for optimal video editing and other tasks either due to the limited apps available on these devices.

Laptops, on the other hand, give you the full range of features you’d find on a desktop PC. You don’t get watered down mobile ports of important applications. You also get to play the full version of PC games on the go!

Still fond of mobile games and other apps? With the new Windows 11 operating system, you can access them natively on your laptop.

Optimize Office Desk Space

There’s no denying that a traditional desktop PC offers a lot of power and features. However, they can consume a lot of space. You’ll need a large office desk for the CPU, keyboard and mouse, cables, and the monitor.

Don’t forget you’ll need space for a set of speakers, a USB hub, and other attached accessories. If you’re a busy office worker or student, you’ll need more space for documents and organizers.

With a laptop, you won’t have to worry that much about this. Laptops are much smaller, giving you more free space on your desk. They also feature a keyboard and monitor built into one device so you get to save even more space.

You can then use the extra space for accessories you need. Add a coffee machine, printer, scanner, or an additional monitor.

Work or School Convenience

A few years back and you’d have to take notes at school or work using pen and paper. That was the traditional way of doing things. However, with today’s technology, you can get things done much faster and easier.

Owning a laptop allows you to take notes as efficiently as desired. A lot of schools and offices allow people to open a laptop during lectures or meetings. You can use apps like Google Docs to type notes and then read those notes later using your phone or tablet.

The best part is that you can’t lose those notes. Most apps, including the aforementioned Google Docs, instantly upload to a cloud network. As long as you can log online, you can access the files.

Another convenience is the fact you can type while turning on a voice recorder app. You can research while in class and you can access multiple apps, such as Photoshop or Premiere Pro, while in a meeting. Very few devices give you this level of convenience and multitasking options for work or school.

Better Gaming Experience

Why own a laptop? The best laptops can give you an excellent gaming experience. Most laptops these days feature mid to high-range specs, meaning even a budget laptop offers enough power to play modern video games.

Keep in mind that laptops utilize the same technology and features that a desktop PC offers. You can buy games on Steam and the Epic game store. If you don’t own a premium laptop, you can still get on stores like GOG to buy and play classic PC games.

If you want to play mobile games, you can still purchase and play Android games on the Google Play Store using Windows 11.

You can even find laptops now with guaranteed premium specs. A good example of this is the Lenovo lineup with the Intel EVO platform. You can read about it here to learn more.

Entertainment Hub

Games aren’t the only form of entertainment you can enjoy on a laptop. You can store all your music, movies, and eBooks. Using an app like Kodi, you can organize and access all of them on one platform.

You can even connect your laptop to devices like a Bluetooth speaker or media center. This allows you to stream content from your laptop to speakers or a wireless projector. Now you can enjoy your music or movies without having to sit in front of your laptop all the time.

Don’t forget that your laptop can also access a bunch of online entertainment sites too. Using your laptop, you can enjoy streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, and Disney Plus. For music, you can use your laptop to get on Spotify or YouTube Music.

Can Work Offline or Online

Have you ever worked on a desktop PC only to lose all your progress because the electricity went out? You need to keep a PC constantly plugged in for it to work. One of the best laptop benefits is the fact it can work through this issue thanks to its battery.

Lost your Internet connection? While you won’t be able to upload your files to the cloud, you can continue your work. If you have an online connection through your phone, you can use the hotspot feature and get your laptop online too.

This becomes a necessity for people always traveling. You can download all the files you need while you still have an online connection and then work or study while in a vehicle, hotel room, or cafe.

Convenient For Communication

Yes, you can use a tablet or phone to communicate with people around the world. There are tons of apps for this, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and others. However, only a laptop can give you multitasking abilities for fluid communication.

Using a laptop, you can launch a conference call on Discord. As the call continues, you can still open other servers and channels to continue chatting with other people. You can still open a browser or play a video game even as the call goes on.

The biggest benefit is the ability to share your screen while chatting or on a video call. This becomes essential for business meetings or when presenting information to classmates and coworkers.

Flexible Power Options

As mentioned, laptops allow you to work even when you’re not plugged into a power source.

However, purchasing a laptop can do even more than that. Even without a power source, you can use the laptop to charge your phone or tablet. All this requires is a decent USB cable.

Is the battery about to drain? You can shut off the laptop, replace the battery with a spare, and then charge the other one. This is a great feature for people who need to keep working for hours but often find themselves outside their home or office.

More Storage Options

Older types of laptops come with expansive HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). These offer anywhere from 500 GB of storage space to well over 2 TB.

The downside is that HDDs easily break due to the mechanical parts. HDDs are also much slower compared to modern SSDs (Solid State Drives).

Modern laptops now carry SSDs, giving you an average of 2 TB of storage space. This is still far more than what a phone or tablet will give you. Even a premium phone like an iPhone only gives 128 GB to 256 GB of storage.

Is that not enough space for all your files, movies, and video games? You can add more storage by getting an additional internal SSD for your laptop. Many laptops have one slot open for an additional drive.

You can also get an external hard drive. Simply connect this to your laptop via a USB cable.

Enjoy the Benefits of Laptops Now

Now you know the different benefits of laptops. Why settle for anything less when a laptop can offer the best of desktop PCs and smartphones? You get to enjoy everything a PC can do but with the bonus of added portability.

Of course, getting a laptop is only one way to boost convenience and style.

If you enjoyed this guide and are looking for more discussions like it, feel free to continue reading our other posts today. We also tackle topics regarding business and lifestyle, ensuring there is a lot more for you to discover and enjoy!

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