How to Make a YouTube Video Go Viral

Did you know people on YouTube consume more than a billion hours of content every day? People worldwide visit the site to either upload videos or watch them. Plus, if you meet the requirements to become a YouTube Partner, you can earn money on the platform. To make a living, you need to know how to make a YouTube video go viral. Even then, you shouldn’t quit your day job just yet.

First, you need to come up with YouTube video ideas. Next, you’ll want to invest in your channel. YouTube can become a habit after experiencing a viral video so prepare to keep creating new content.

Have you been wondering what it takes to make a video go viral on YouTube? Are you hoping to become the next million-dollar channel? Keep reading for a few tips on what it will take to reach your goal.

Is Beating the Algorithm How to Make a YouTube Video Go Viral?

You’ve probably heard that learning the YouTube algorithm is the best way to make a viral video. This is part truth and part fiction.

One, YouTube’s algorithm plays a massive part in making a video go viral. The problem is that no one really knows how the algorithm works.

The best thing to do is create quality content and follow a few proven rules. A content creator talks about it more here.

Use Popular Keywords

When it comes to SEO techniques choosing the right keywords helps your content get noticed. The same is true when it comes to most viral videos.

People are in search of information. Breaking news stories are the source of most viral videos. Choosing keywords people are searching for on YouTube will help attract people to your channel.

Controversial topics and opposing views will garner traffic and more engagement. Good and bad reactions will get your video trending.

Create Unique Videos

Unique YouTube video ideas can lead to more viral videos. Brainstorm topics that can easily catch people’s attention.

For example, a YouTube channel about scandals in the lives of legendary celebrities. Or a channel that covers hacks to combat life’s dilemmas.

Go Live

People good in front of the camera find success by going live on YouTube. Discuss almost any topic. All you need is consistency and an entertaining personality.

Live streaming is how to make your YouTube video go viral and grow your channel faster. Engage with your viewers by using apps like Streamyard. Highlight comments, invite people to appear on-screen with you, and more.

As your audience grows, you can ask them for topic suggestions.

Viral Is Great, But Building a Loyal Audience Is Better

You can spend a lot of time figuring out how to make a YouTube video go viral. The truth is, there are a lot of one-hit wonders on YouTube.

Instead, focus on creating quality content that people want to watch. As your audience grows, so will your views.

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