Windows 11 version 22H2: Everything You Need to Know about the Next Version of Windows 11

Windows 11 was released to the public on 21st October 2021. With this version of Windows, Microsoft introduced many new features in the next generation of Windows. Now, Microsoft is working on the next major version of Windows, which will also be the first major feature update for Windows 11. This next edition, codenamed “Sun Valley 2” and now known as “Windows 11 version 22H2,” is expected to continue the vision that was first announced with Windows 11 last year, with new capabilities, UI changes, and more.

Will Windows 11 be a free update?

Most people ask the question “Will Windows 11 be a free update?”

will windows 11 be a free update
will windows 11 be a free update?

Yes. Windows 11 will be a free update for the supported devices. Therefore, the next version of Windows 11 also called Windows Version 2H22 will also be a free update. The supported devices will be able to install Windows 11 version 22H2 for free. You’ll be notified once the update is released to the public. Your device will get a notification in Settings App when this update is released.

 It’s presently being tested by members of Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program, which receives weekly “active development” builds with new features that we hope to see in the version 22H2 release.

We’ll keep this post updated when additional features become available.

New Features in Windows 11 version 22H2?

Here’s the short version:

  • Start menu app folders
  • The start menu has a resizable pinned area
  • Drag and Drop is back on the Taskbar
  • Integration of Focus Assist with Notification Center
  • A new “spotlight” wallpaper is available
  • Voice Access is a new accessibility function
  • New accessibility feature for Live Captions
  • Touch users get new gestures and animations
  • When changing app windows, a new snap layout bar appears
  • A redesigned Task Manager
  • Better integration of OneDrive with File Explorer
  • Numerous UI improvements and consistency updates

When will Windows 11 Version 22H2 be released?

The second half of this year is projected to see the release of Windows 11 version 22H2. According to our sources, version 22H2 will reach a “final build” sometime in May, with bug fixes and other changes to be distributed via cumulative updates to Insiders and then the general public until version 22H2 is ready to roll out, which will most likely be in September or October.

New features in version 22H2

Let’s have a look at some of the cool features available in the upcoming update of Windows 11:

Changes in Windows Shell

With version 22H2, the Windows Shell is getting a lot of attention. Microsoft is still cleaning up the user interface by replacing legacy interfaces with more modern, consistent Windows 11 designs. Version 22H2, for example, adds modern designs to the volume and brightness interfaces that appear when those controls are adjusted via actual hardware buttons. Focus Assist is now part of the Notification Center, making it even easier to use.

Improvements in Start Menu

Windows 11 version 22H2
Windows 11

Microsoft has brought back numerous functionality from the Windows 10 Start menu, such as the ability to create app folders and alter the size of the pinned apps section, to the Start menu. Users may now select whether to have an extra row of pinned apps or to reduce the pinned apps area to two rows in order to make room for a larger “Recommended” area.

Taskbar Improvements

Drag and drop support has now been restored to the Taskbar, allowing you to drag files into program icons on your Taskbar and paste them there. For years, this has been a Taskbar feature, but it was missing from the first edition of Windows 11. It’s great to see it back with version 22H2.

Better User Experience for Touch Users

Microsoft is bringing numerous key new features for touch users in Windows 11 that will improve the touch-first user experience. For touch users, there are new gestures that provide quick access to common areas of the Windows Shell. Users may now access the Start menu by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, and Quick Settings by swiping up from the right corner. A three-finger slide down the center of the screen minimizes your apps, while a three-finger swipe left or right switches between them. All of these animations are also fluid, which means they stick to your finger when you do them, making them feel much more responsive.

Changes in Settings App

With 22H2, Microsoft has added several new settings pages to the Settings app, as it does with every new version of Windows. In the Accounts category, there’s a new Microsoft Account page that gives you an overview of your Microsoft 365 subscription as well as convenient access to various online settings and services. In the same area, there’s also a new Family Safety page, which is designed to provide you easy access to all of the Family Safety options if you utilize it.

Settings App Windows 11

To help cut emissions, Windows Update can now sync with your local electrical grid. Instead of applying updates as soon as they become available, Windows Update will try to coordinate downloads and installations with your electricity grid to maximize the usage of renewable energy.

Other new features include the ability to customize how many pinned or suggested rows appear in Start, the ability to set the Bing daily image as a desktop wallpaper, and the ability to disable the System Tray overflow panel.

Improved File Explorer

With version 22H2, Microsoft has improved a variety of in-box apps and experiences. Starting with File Explorer, there’s a new “pinned files” part in the Quick Access area when you first launch the app. Users can pin any files to this area and have them stored permanently for future access. There’s also further OneDrive integration in the File Explorer, with a new drop-down menu that appears when you’re directly in a OneDrive that shows you how much cloud storage you’re using.

Redesigned Task Manager

Task Manager Windows 11
Task Manager Windows 11

The Task Manager has been redesigned with a new UI that matches the rest of Windows 11. It has a new sidebar navigation UI that collapses automatically when the window is shrunk. There will also be a new Sound Recorder app with new output options, an audio visualizer, and a significantly improved user interface.

New Built-in software

Two new built-in software, Clipchamp and Family Safety, come pre-installed with version 22H2. Family Safety is a web app that provides you with a rapid overview of your family, including your children’s locations, planned activities in your shared family calendar, and other management features. This service is ideal for families who use Windows and Xbox PCs, as well as Android devices using the Microsoft Launcher and Family Safety app.

Clipchamp is a new web-based video editor that will be included with Windows 11 in the future. It includes a free tier, but if you want to render videos larger than 480p, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription. It’s an odd tool that feels like it was made with schoolchildren in mind, and it costs $19 per month if you want to produce videos in 1080p HD.

What We Want from Windows 11 Version 2H22

As we all know, there were some inconsistencies and bugs in Windows 11 Version 2H21. We expect that Microsoft will remove all the inconsistencies and pay attention to bugs in this update. Although Windows 11 looks clean and pretty, there are changes that Microsoft needs to make.

We hope we will see these changes in this update. If you enjoyed this article please read more tech articles on our site.

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