The Attributes of Knowledge Management Software

Customer service technology is changing, which is just as well because data processing technologies are also advancing all the time. Companies need to access large amounts of company data and channel the right information to agents when they need it, this is one of the main things that knowledge management software can do, but it’s not the only attribute.


Knowledge management software uses analytics tools to finetune the knowledge base and make sure agents have the most reliable resource to use during customer service conversations. Analytics works continuously in the background to improve the knowledge base and make it relevant and accurate; this technology is built into the KMS systems.

Omnichannel Knowledge Base

In recent years the world has become more and more omnichannel; this means that all of your brand infrastructures, including the website, mobile app, and physical environments are interlinked and uniform. Knowledge management software is designed to integrate seamlessly with all channels so accurate data can be found quickly and precisely and delivered.

Two-Way Integrations

Professional knowledge management systems need to integrate with your customer relationship management system and your content management solutions to provide fast and effective answers to issues of any complexity. This is the role of two-way integrations. Two-way integrations don’t have to be two-way; they usually bring together multiple channels.


Please note that compliance is always a concern when customer service agents are giving out advice and details about the company and its products. Compliance issues have also grown since digital workstations became more common; an effective KMS system can keep everything uniform. If you don’t want to worry about compliance issues in your company, install a KMS system.

AI Guidance

The world is becoming more and more automated and for good reasons. AI systems are effective at analyzing and organizing data flows to make them more manageable and more compliant for customer service agents. A good KMS will have integrated AI guidance systems that can harvest data from multiple sources and deliver the right data at the right times.


In the past, customer service agents could deliver general answers to customers, and while they were satisfactory, more focused answers provide more value to customers and improve the revenue streams; the personalization can now target relevant answers based on customer needs. Personalization not only improves the accuracy of queries it also makes calls faster. 

Federation Search

Nowadays, knowledge resides in unstructured formats. The knowledge you need for a customer query might be located in a CRM System, a content management system, a document, a webpage, or even a forum. Federation Search is the facility needed to source and deliver data. With Federation Search, it doesn’t matter where the data is stored; your company can find it.


During a customer service inquiry, there is a lot of time pressure, the customer wants the information fast, and the agent needs to have personal knowledge or suitable knowledge management software. That’s the advantage of having a KMS system; it accelerates the findability of information using AI technology and Federation Search systems.

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