Top 5 Profitable Online Business Ideas in Pakistan

Online Businesses Ideas in Pakistan

Individuals become tired when they are ordered too much about what to do or not Online Businesses Ideas in Pakistan. Maybe, you are too fed up working under someone and planning to be your own boss. In Pakistan, almost 80% of employees are underpaid, and some don’t get jobs according to their specialization. It has become a never-ending loop for Pakistani. Many graduates in our country are unemployed because job opportunities are becoming lesser.
Doing your business will be helpful for those people who want to secure their future. We all know that any business needs immense investment, and many people cannot afford to build their own setup. With little investment, doing business is painstaking
but not unattainable. The only thing that can save this or the next generation is spreading awareness about online business ideas.
There are several businesses you can do online if you have less investment. Some of them are:

1- Online Businesses Ideas by Launching your Brand

Doesn’t it sound preeminent to become an owner of a brand? You can start your own brand of anything online. The best are the Clothing line, shoes, jewelry, and makeup. We all know that fashion for women is unstoppable, so making your brand in this class will be worthwhile.
You can set up your store online on Facebook and Instagram because, now in Pakistan, online shopping is a trend.

2- Drop shipping In Pakistan

Can’t keep stock on hand? Drop shipping is a way to sell items without even purchasing them. It is a retail business where the retailer does not store inventory but takes consumer orders. The orders and the shipment of delivery transfer to a manufacturer or a supplier, which sends the goods to the customers.
You can do drop shipping of various products on different websites.
Some popular websites for drop shipping are:

  • Amazon
  • Daraz
  • Alibaba Express
  • Shopify

In addition, the only risk in Drop shipping is that you cannot control the quality of the stock you send to your customer because quality matters a lot in building trust and a profitable relationship with your customer.

3- Food panda in Pakistan

How about opening a restaurant online? Yes, you read it right! You can be a chef without having a dine-in restaurant. Many people in Pakistan opt for online home delivery. People have become engrossed with their life that they prefer to order at home rather than take away. Food is the core of Pakistan, and the love of food will never end.
What you need is just a rider for your delivery, and you are done.
FoodPanda is the commonly used platform in Pakistan through which you be a chef. We all have used FoodPanda for food delivery, but this time, you can start your business in it.
Being a Home chef in FoodPanda is beneficial, and what you need is just a few amounts of investment. FoodPanda only charges Rs 3000 for the Home chef registration, and by following this simple step, you can own this business.
Always remember to keep your quality high and never lower your standards if you want your dish to be in the hype.

4- Tutoring In pakistan

Online teaching has been popular in Pakistan since the pandemic of Covid 19. Before that, Pakistan hardly worked on online education, and the peoples were also not much aware of it. You can easily start your online teaching business by registering yourself on any website. If not on the website, there are many students in Pakistan also, who seek online learning. It is also spreading widely due to the flexibility of time and travel. Both students and teachers can save their travel expenditures and work at any time from anywhere.
The famous authentic websites for tutoring without any registration fee are:

  • Preply
  • Study Pool

Once you start getting students, our way will be clear, and the community will acknowledge you as an online tutor.

5- Gift Shop

We all love to give and receive gifts. Selecting a perfect gift can be quite difficult. So, this is the time to show your creativity to others.
Opening a gift shop online can be a little hard, but it will not go in vain if you show effort and creativity.
If you check on social media, many peoples from Pakistan have done this online business. All you need is to open your account on any App like Instagram or Facebook and create a shop. You can also create your shop on Daraz. The important but is how you showcase your gifts. You must use good photos so that it looks more appealing to people.


These are some best online business ideas on which you can consider working. Choose a business according to your interest, so you can cherish it. In the beginning, you might not gain any profit, but once you start gaining profit, it will be equal to 5-6 jobs.

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