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How To Fix High Memory Usage Issues in windows 10 version 2004?

How To Fix High Memory Usage Issues in windows 10 version 2004?
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Back in 2015 Windows 10 was eagerly awaited by people everywhere on the planet. Once it had been rolled in; Microsoft allowed people with Windows 7 / 8.1 PC/ Laptop to upgrade to Windows 10 for free of charge. It was a huge deal because you could get the latest windows free of cost. Windows 10 was a huge hit when it was released but it came with a lot of irritating bugs. Sadly some of them even exist today for example memory leak & memory usage issues.

The latest version of Windows is Windows 10 version 2004 and it still has memory leak & usage issues. Sometimes the task manager shows 100% RAM usage albeit nothing much is running on the system. Don’t worry in the least as today’s guide is all about the steps to repair memory leak & memory usage issues in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Memory leak issue

How Different Applications & Programs Use RAM?

Data stored on RAM are often easily and immediately accessed by the processor. Every program that you simply run; utilizes some of RAM (Random Access Memory). So whenever you launch a program, on your system, it immediately sends an invitation for a specific portion of memory from RAM. So if you’ve got limited RAM and you’ve got all giant programs opened up; you’re definitely creating a hard situation for your system.

What are Memory Leaks? what’s RAM Leakage?

Disturbed with the CPU running at 100% Windows 10 problem you head to the task manager to see CPU usage and located that an easy application ‘Notepad’ is using 70% of your total memory. this is often a really good indication of memory leak or RAM leakage.

In case of a memory leak, an application or a program fails to release the discarded memory consequently affecting the performance of the whole system. Not only apps but certain system processes like ‘ntoskrnl.exe system process’ are being reported by the users for slowing down their system. in order that they can also be the culprit behind RAM leakage.

But since this issue of RAM leakage cares with software and not hardware; certain steps are often taken to repair them. Following are the various approaches which you’ll fancy reduce CPU usage and fix RAM leakage:

Fix Windows 10 High CPU Usage | Win 10 Memory Leak Fixes

1. Update Your System Drivers

If you’re seeing the difficulty of high memory usage Windows 10 just after you upgraded your Windows to its latest version then there might be an opportunity that RAM leakage is occurring thanks to outdated system drivers for sound, graphics or even network. So it’s better that you simply run the required upgrade for your system drivers to form them come to terms with Windows 10.

2. Identifying programs that are using more memory

Under this method, you’re required to launch Task Manager by hitting the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc. you’ll also right click on the Task Bar and choose Task Manager from the context menu.

Once Task Manager is open navigate to the ‘Processes’ tab and identify the program or application which is using the utmost amount of memory.

After you’ve got identified the program; just click on ‘End Process’ to shut the program. Now until you restart your PC/ Laptop the quantity of memory released by this program won’t be available for other applications. So just restart your system and therefore the problem of 100% CPU Usage Windows 10 is going to be eliminated.

3: Disabling Start-Up Programs

If you happen to seek out that the program which is causing the difficulty of RAM leakage runs at startup then you’re up for more trouble. Hence you want to disable that program from running at startup.

For disabling the startup programs launch Task Manager and head to the ‘Startup’ tab. Here you’ll be ready to find your program listed. Just select that bothersome program or application and hit ‘Disable.’

That’s it the program won’t launch automatically subsequent time you begin your system.

4: Turning Off Windows Tips & Tricks

Though going to know various tips and tricks are often useful but this feature, aside from being bothersome, is often memory consuming too. For disabling Windows Tips & Tricks follow the below-mentioned steps:

Navigate to start out Menu -> Settings App -> System -> Notification & Actions
Here you’ll find the choice of getting tips, tricks, and suggestions as you employ Window. Just uncheck that option and you’re done.

5: Tweaking your Registry

You can perform a hack your Registry for the beginning of the matter of Win 10 memory leak. Just follow the below-provided steps:

Press Windows Key + R.
Once the run window appears type “Regedit” in it and press Navigate to the path: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSessionManagerMemoryManagement”

Here you’ll find ‘ClearPageFileAtShutDown.’

Just change its value to 1 and restart your computer.

6: Perform defragmentation of your disk drive

Performing defragmentation of your disk drive not only optimizes your memory but also helps your system to manage its memory in a much effective manner.

Just follow the below-provided steps to defragment your hard drive:

In your Windows 10 system head to ‘This PC.’
You will find the list of partitions ahead of you.
Right click the system partition, mostly C Drive, and navigate to the Tools tab.
In the Tools tab hit on ‘Optimize.’
Select your system drive and hit the ‘Analyze’ button.
After that hit the ‘Optimize’ button and follow the on-screen instructions to end the defragmentation process.
Don’t forget to restart your Windows 10 PC/ Laptop once the method is over.

7: Adjust for better performance

You can reduce CPU spikes Windows 10 and stop RAM Leakage by selecting the choice of ‘Adjust for better performance.’ Selecting this feature will automatically lookout of processor scheduling and memory management. Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate this option:

Right-click ‘This PC’ and attend Properties.
Once the properties window appears; you’ll see an option of ‘Advanced system settings’ on the left side.
Click thereon and navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab.
Thereafter click on ‘Settings’ under the choice of ‘Performance.’
Here you’ll check the ‘Adjust for better performance’ option.
That’s it! Click OK and restart your system for the changes to require effect.

8: Disabling Runtime Broker

What is Runtime broker? this is often a process that helps your system within the proper management of permissions on your PC for running apps from the Windows store. Though this process is meant to function by utilizing low memory; but sometimes the app from the Windows store itself features a fault in it. When Runtime Broker interacts thereupon faulty app to fetch the specified permissions; it’s going to hamper your system. So if nothing works for you; you’ll try disabling Runtime Broker to see if it solves the matter of Windows 10 high CPU usage. Follow the below-mentioned steps for this:

Launch the task manager and under the ‘Processes’ tab find the method of ‘Runtime Broker.’
Click thereon and hit ‘Disable.’
That’s it! This process is disabled now. Just restart your Windows 10 PC/ Laptop for the changes to require effect.

9: Removing Malware and other Viruses from System

If your system is infected with malware and other malicious programs or applications; likelihood is that that they’re causing this issue of CPU running at 100% Windows 10. So your best bet is to wash your PC from of these infections and you’ll automatically see an improved performance thereafter.

Windows Defender may be a good tool to see your PC for malicious programs. you’ll use a trusted third party anti-virus tool also but take care from the source where you’re getting the third party anti-virus tool as that would be infected too.

So that’s it, folks. we’ve reached the top of this post. we’ve tried covering all the possible cases which might be the culprit behind RAM leakage and Windows 10 high CPU usage. However, if you’re still facing the difficulty of memory leak then the simplest you’ll do is add more RAM to your system in order that it’s capable enough to handle your daily tasks in an efficient manner.

If you’ve got got any inquiries to ask; you’ll always drop them down in comments below. we’ll be happy to answer your queries.

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